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PM invisible in Curtin campaign

Liberals have shut Prime Minister Scott Morrison out of the western suburb campaign for today’s federal election. The decision was made despite the peril faced by Liberal incumbent Celia Hammond from independent Kate Chaney. Large posters of Mr Morrison dominated polling booths at his successful 2019 election, but this month these are absent from local early polling booths. This time they have been replaced by a grumpy photo of Labor leader Anthony Albanese, with attack lines about the supposed dangers of voting for an independent.


Irreplaceable personal effects have been returned to their owner's thanks to a 10-year-old Nedlands girl and her family. Susan Johns, her father Timothy and brother Liam were riding their bicycles in Claremont on Sunday May 1 when they saw a box under a shrub on the bike path. “It was very prominent on the path and not far from the train station,” Timothy said. “A large number of people were going past it. “It would have been pretty obvious if they’d looked inside, there were items of value in there.”



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