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Meth Lab drugged

Lily the labrador, a 15-month old family pet, was rushed to emergency on Tuesday night after swallowing metham- phetamine. “The only place she could have consumed this is Adderley Street Park, next to the Mt Claremont Community Centre and Library, where she visited late Tuesday afternoon,” owner Sarah Brazier said. After an overnight stay at the vet’s, confirmation came back late on Wednesday morning: “Screening drug testing showed positive for methamphetamine,” the vet said. “Given Lily’s presentation of being lethargic rather than hyperactive, it is possible that this drug could have been ingested in conjunction with another toxin or substance.” (Marijuana is suspected.)


Australian Development Capital (ADC) has reduced the height of its proposed $48.8mil- lion Mosman Heights shopping centre redevelopment from seven to six storeys containing 76 apartments, seven townhouses, a supermarket, shops, restaurants/cafes, a liquor store and a gym. Its application to the WA Department of Planning, through the State Development Assessment Unit (SDAU), by-passes the council and the State Administrative Tribunal. ADC said its MosLane project was a “carefully crafted and exceptionally designed redevelopment that will add new life, housing diversity and amenity to the heart of the Mosman Park community”. But the Mosman Heights Action Group (MHAG) has engaged a team of legal, planning and traffic engineering consultants to examine the proposal released on Tuesday.