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Submitting Classified Ads

Placing Classified Ads

Classified ads can be submitted by using a form on our website or in person at our office .
Additional information on placing classified ads over the web is available below.


Real Estate and Trades & Services ads

Real Estate and Trades and Services ads are not currently accepted over the web. Call the POST on 08 9381 3088 for pricing.



Classified ad prices are calculated according to the following rules:
Ads are charged at $5.50 for the first two lines, and $1.10 per line thereafter. A line is counted as 4 words, where a word is one or more characters and is separated by spaces. “a”, “I”, “-“, etc do count as words. An email address or web address counts as a whole line.


Placing Classified ads over the web

In the internet submission form for classified ads, you are only required to fill in the “Name”, “Phone”, “Ad Text” and “Classification” fields. Information in the Personal section is never used in your ad, so be sure to include your phone number in the ad text if you require it to be published. Fields marked Optional – for example, “email address” – need only be filled in if that information will be needed, for example to send you a receipt by email. If you want your ad to start its run later than the next edition, you may specify the date of the Saturday on which the edition is delivered in the Start Date field. Otherwise leave the Start Date field blank so that the ad starts in the next edition. Please make sure that the date is in Australian date format, ie dd/mm/yy.
When you have finished entering your ad (make sure to choose a classification from the menu!), press the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Your form entries will be checked and you will be informed if you have forgotten to fill out a required field. If the form is OK, a page is displayed where you can check the text of the ad, view the price, and enter your credit card details so that we can process payment. Please check your ad – it may not be possible to change it later.
When entering your credit card details, make sure you are using a MasterCard, VISA card, or Australian BankCard. Other card types will not be accepted. If you are told your credit card number is invalid or the wrong type, check that you typed it correctly and that you selected the right entry in the Card Type menu. If it is definitely correct please email  [email protected] and we’ll have a look for you.
When you have finished filling in the credit details and have checked the ad preview, press the “Accept” button. The ad will be placed, and you will be given an ad number that you should keep until your ad has been run and payment has been processed.


Security of personal details

The ad submission system has been designed so no information can be intercepted therefore keeping your personal details safe. The payment system also uses PayPal which will keep your payment details safe and protect you from fraud. To read about how PayPal will protect you, you can read here.

If you have any difficulties, email [email protected].