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Presumed Guilty



At the centre of this in-depth and often chilling book is the tragic murder, in 1959, of twenty-twoyear- old Perth woman Jillian Brewer, and the mostly inconceivable wrongful arrest and conviction of a young deaf man, Darryl Beamish, for the act. Charting in extraordinary detail the procedural errors, fantastical egos and often deliberate obfuscation of truth that took place in the Beamish conviction, along with many other cases, Christian reveals the startling array of potholes and pitfalls that continue to threaten the execution of proper justice in our society. Readers will be glued to their seats as they encounter the jaw-dropping recollections Bret Christian has compiled of badly interpreted forensics, biased testimony, mismatched and botched statements of fact, and downright dirty policing tactics. All at once horrific, mind-blowing and puzzling, the stories Christian has unearthed might well be fiction u but tragically, are all true.






Unbelievably shocked

I’m only 40 pages in but already I can’t put this book down. It just shows how wrong the justice system can be and how the truth can be framed. How many more innocent people are there in our gaols?


“Explosive … A page turner”- The West Australian