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Contact for enquiries, but please don’t send files by email; see Supply of Advertising Material below.

Deadlines for the following Saturday edition

  • Display bookings and cancellations: Tuesday 5pm
  • Complete EGN (Early General News) material deadline 3pm Wednesday

Supply of advertising material

  • PDF is the preferred format for ads.
  • CMYK format ONLY with all fonts embedded and high resolution images


  • Ready-to-print PDF ads should be sent via our YouSendIt dropbox, or for QuickCut/AdSend/AdStream customers, via Quickcut to “postnews“.
    Please don’t send ads by email; it’s unreliable and slow, so we might not get your ad until after deadline. No refunds are offered if you email an ad and it doesn’t reach us in time – so please use YouSendIt or QuickCut.
  • JPG Image is also acceptable with fonts embedded and 200 DPI.

Column Measurements

1 column 34mm
2 column 72mm
3 column 111mm
4 column 150mm
5 column 188mm
6 column 226mm
7 column 265mm
8 column N/A
  • Column width 34mm.
  • Full page artwork to measure 375mm x 265mm.
  • Full page size: 375mm x 7 columns (265mm wide).
  • Half page size: 188mm x 7 columns (265 wide).
  • Centre spread with bleed through the gutter maximum image area 375mm x 550mm wide.
  • Facing pages with bleed 550mm W x 375mm D.
  • Front page ads 104mm W x 110mm D.

Unit sizes for TIMEOUT and Real Estate available on request, can be downloaded as a PDF from the advertising page on our website, or via Quickcut.

Technical specifications check list

Below are some points to remember prior to saving your material as a PDF file.

• All placed elements MUST be CMYK or Grayscale depending on final colourspace of page.
• GCR is recommended with a Total Ink Density 240%.
• Black Ink Limit 90% and allow for 26% Dot Gain.
• Four colour white reverse type to be a minium of 10pt.
• Single colour white reverse type to be a minium of 7pt.
• All fonts MUST be embedded (includes base 14).
• Use only Postscript Type 1 fonts.
• True Type fonts ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.
• Screen Ruling is 36 Micron (Stocastic screening)
• Turn off all colour management in Photoshop.
• Your PDF must be Version 1.3 when distilled.
• If possible flight-check your PDF using Enfocus Pit-Stop.

Application colour settings

To achieve the best reproduction of your artwork you will need to configure your applications to our press colour specifications. Exactly what you need to depends on the kind of computer you’re using and what programs you use. The instructions below cover the most common cases.

Colour setup instructions

  1. Download the settings files:
  2. Install the colour profile:
    • Please note: Just installing this profile will not change any of your settings in any program. It only offers you the ability to use our colour settings if you choose to.
    • Mac users: In the “Go” menu, choose “Open Location”. Paste the following text, without the “quotes”, into the dialog that appears: “/Library/ColorSync/Profiles“. Press the “Go” button. A finder window will appear. Drag the .csf file from your desktop to this folder. Quit and re-load any programs you use for colour work.
    • Windows users: Right-click on the .icc file and choose “install”. You can now delete the file of your desktop.
  3. Install the Creative Suite colour settings. (If you do not have Creative Suite, skip this section)
    1. Open Adobe Bridge
    2. Open the Edit menu and pick Creative Suite Colour Settings
    3. In the dialog that appears, click “Show saved colour settings files”. A Finder window will appear.
    4. Drag the .csf file into the new finder window, then close the finder window.
    5. Quit and re-start Bridge
    6. Go back into the Creative Suite Colour Settings dialog in Bridge.
    7. You will see a new option in the settings list called “POSTNews v5”. Click on it and press the “apply” button.
  4. Set up Adobe Photoshop.
    • You can install the .csf file into your colour settings folder (the exact location of which varies depending on Photoshop version and platform), then pick it from the Colour Settings dialog in the Edit menu of Photoshop.
  5. Install the Distiller JobOptions file:If you do not have Acrobat Distiller, skip this section.
      1. Open Distiller
      2. In the Settings menu, choose “Add Adobe Pdf Settings”
      3. Go to your desktop and double-click on postnews_v2.joboptions.
      4. Now make sure that “Default Settings” in the main distiller window shows “POST Newspapers v2”

    Note that you must have the ICC profile correctly installed for the provided joboptions file to work. See step 1.

  6. Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word:Microsoft Publisher is not suitable for designing advertising for press output, as it’s PDF output lacks important features required for reliable and colour-accurate printing. We may accept an ad designed in Publisher if you convert it to PDF yourself using Distiller or a free program like PDFCreator, but we cannot guarantee the print quality of the result.We do not accept Microsoft Word documents for print under any circumstances.

Black Overprint:

 Elements set to overprint within the native application will be hounoured when files are Ripped.

ICC Colour Management:

Any ICC profiles that are embedded will be converted to the working space of the intended press.
All Lab and Rgb images will be converted in the same way

Spot colours

The POST is printed on a four colour press. Spot colours may not be used in artwork, as the press cannot print them. If we receive a job with spot colours the spot may be converted to the nearest available CMYK colour by our preflight software, or the job may be rejected. We do not guarantee that jobs using spot colours will print correctly.