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About us

The POST is an independent local newspaper that covers the western suburbs of Perth, in Western Australia.

The POST turned 35 in September 2012. It remains independent and privately owned.

It was established as the Subiaco Post by reporter Bret Christian and his wife Bettye in September 1977 in the front room of a tiny terrace house at 52 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco.

Local councils which had been ignored by reporters for years became aware of the paper’s close scrutiny.

Subiaco then was the first inner-Perth suburb to be “discovered” by young home buyers. The paper captured the mood of this fast-changing suburb and became the voice of the residents undergoing the stresses of that change. Moved to the former Vintage Wine Bar at 2 Keightley Road, Subiaco. More growth saw it move to much larger premises in 2005, its present location at 276 Onslow Road, Shenton Park. Road, Shenton Park.

Demands came from neighbouring suburbs for other papers “as good as the POST”, and over the next few years the other titles were established – Claremont-Nedlands POST, Mosman Park-Cottesloe POST and the Floreat POST, now the Cambridge POST following a local government shake-up.

Its first employee, Terese Fehlberg, still works for the paper. The first issues, which had 12 pages, were produced monthly and 9000 copies were distributed.

The number of employees has grown to more than 30 and often the number of pages is bigger than a weekday issue of Perth’s sole daily, The West Australian.

Each Friday morning a massive operation swings into action to deliver 50,000 papers into each letterbox from West Perth to North Fremantle and up to City Beach and Wembley Downs.

The most awarded suburban newspaper in Perth

The paper has won prizes for excellence in journalism and is widely respected as a courageous and campaigning voice for its readers. Its reporters frequently win prizes for their stories. The POST finances a prize for excellence in local government reporting in the annual Australian Journalists Association/Perth Press Club Awards.

It rarely expresses an opinion or an editorial – but it runs strong and long letters from readers every week on topics ranging from atheism to zoning. Letter writers are given space that they would find difficult to achieve elsewhere.

The POST’s clear, easy-to-read design is loved by readers. The POST is bang up to date, being the first paper in Perth to establish a Web site.

The POST has deep loyalty from readers who are treated with respect, and often a phone conversation between a reader and a member of the editorial staff ends with the line: “We really love your newspaper. Keep it up.”

Readers plan their weeks according to events publicised free of charge in the Community News pages. Mention in these pages of a particular community event is often a guarantee that the occasion will be a success.

Local businesses regard the POST as an inexpensive and indispensable way to tell residents about their goods and services.

In rapidly changing times, readers look to the POST as a bastion of good, value-for-money news presentation.