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We welcome your letters for publication.


The POST needs a name and residential address, plus a daytime phone number for verification. Street numbers are not published.


We give preference to shorter letters of 300 words or less. The POST may cut longer letters, and letters may be edited for style or clarity.


Your name and/or address can be with held if the circumstances warrant. This reason is usually clear from the text of the letter. If you want your name and/or address withheld from publication, please specify so in the not-for-publication comments. You will still need to provide your name and address to us.


Published letters that carry names and addresses have far more credibility than those where the writer’s details are withheld.


Please enter your email address so we can send a copy of the letter to you and contact you about it if necessary. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be passed on to anybody else without your permission.